Thursday, June 7, 2012

'Molly Aunty' is coming

Ranjith Sankar's last movie, ‘Arjunan Sakshi', got a bad deal at the theatres but won applause when it was shown on TV. ‘Cocktail' was another Malayalam movie which received similar treatment. But then luck plays a huge role in tinsel world, making or marring careers.

“I am not bothered about the past,” says Ranjith as he gets ready to shoot his third movie. His maiden directorial venture, ‘Passenger', in fact was a landmark movie in that it began the phase when newcomers tried out new themes and filmgoers sat up and took notice. Gen Now in Mollywood is coming of age, happily, as ‘Salt and Pepper', the dark horse, got the box office to jingle. That's why we have a ‘22 Female Kottayam' and ‘Ee Adutha Kalathu', drawing crowds. Formulas are changing and bold new movie makers are calling the shots.

Ranjith's next is a satire called ‘Molly Aunty Rocks' (MAR) to be made under the banner of Dreams N Beyond. As with the other two movies Ranjith made, for this too he has written the story, screenplay and dialogues.

Revathi plays Molly Aunty, a middle aged bank employee, also a green card holder. Hers is a character you can't ignore, the type who makes her presence felt anywhere. And Prithviraj plays an IRS officer, Pranav, who gets to spar with her off and on. Lalu Alex, KPAC Lalitha, Sharath, Mamookkoya, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Sunil Sukhada, Lakshmi Priya, Krishnakumar form the rest of the cast.

“Shooting will begin this month and it is scheduled to be over in 45 days. Locations are in Palakkad and Tiruvalla,” Ranjith says adding that he has yet to apply for leave, for he still works in the IT sector and has yet to make movies his full time job.

Most of the crew is new, says Ranjith. The director of photography is Sujith Vasudev and editor, Lijo Paul. Anand Madhusoodhanan scores music. There are three tracks and one is called the Molly Anthem. The others are Molly Cool and Molly Locked. August cinema will distribute it.

“We hope to finish all the work of ‘Molly Aunty…' in time to reach it to the theatres in August,” says Ranjith, who has tried different themes so far and not tried to follow a formula, like many of the new age film makers.

So there is a still a certain amount of mystery about the story and treatment, that the audience can look forward to, unlike the host of movies made some time ago, a long line of mindless movies resembling one fluke hit in that genre.


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