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Masters Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Balcony

One Word:

A slow first half with a pretty great second half, and a good suspense filled story will make, Masters a good one time watch. At the end film ends up as an above average film and fell just short of being called a great one.

Masters directed by Jhony Antony, starts pretty slow for a film labelled as a thriller. First half did try to build up all the base with the introduction of all the characters, however in that process story was lacking the crispiness and speed the audience expecting. However the second half, especially the last thirty minutes or so, Masters did score. With some good actions and suspense and pretty great climax. Adding to that a very clever BGM also add the fuel to the movie.

The script by young talent ‘Kevin Thomas’ could have been better, however he gives lots off hope with his young energy. Music by Gopi Sunder is refreshing, especially the way he handled the BGM.


Milan and sreeramakrishnan are two kindred souls and best buddies who have been together since college.the intensity of their friendship has not faded though the carefree days of college have long past sree is a.s.p. (assistant superidentant of police) of kottayam and milan is a renowned reporter in the same city.though in different fields both are highly responsible effect ,both of them use their friendship to fulfill their respective social responsibilities.

hot-tempered and impulsive sree, usually ends up in some sort of trouble and is always saved by milan in the nick of the time.consequently,milan have to deal with physical and mental torture from sree’s enemies but sree reciprocates by saving milan without a scratch.things were going on just fine like this when out of the blue ,a horrendous incident shocks the city.the two friends try to unravel the mystery behind it and discover some bewildering and chilling truths, forms the rest of the story.

To summarise Movie is trying to find truth about some serial killing.


Prithviraj : After giving his one of the best performance in his previous ‘Indian Rupee’, everyone was looking forward to his first release, Masters. Though we can’t compare this role with Indian Rupee, he given his best shot with a character which was less challenging than the former.

Sasikumar : Given ample support to the Prithviraj as his best buddy, however dubbing should have been better.

Ananya : Pretty small role, however was good with her screen presence.

Piaa Bajpai : Rarely we see she is smiling in this movie, and she had given a good performance for a first timer with not so lengthy screen space.

Kathal Sandya : Did not have much to do, however her character did play an important job in the movie.

Salim Kumar : One of the good performer in the movie, and even in the average first half his performance was the catch.

Biju Menon : Looks like with his limited scenes, he given his best.

Rest of the cast did not have much to do rather than filling the roles offered.

Behind The Scene

Director : Jhony Antony did try his best with his first ever action film, however should have been better if he put little more effort.

Screen Play : Jinu Abraham, a very good start to this youngster, did try his best, with a refreshing story. Though did not click in first half, he had done an amazing job in the second half, with a good climax and suspense.

Editing: Kevin Thomas did a wonderful job especially in the second half.

Cinematography : Madhu Neelakandan, did give some of the good shots.

Music & BGM : Gopi sunder came up with some refreshing music, and the BGM was outstanding in the second half.

Last Word

It is good that film did not start outstandingly and ended disappointingly, that we seen in some of the recent films . The film did have some nice suspense, dialogues that we usually miss in so-called police thrillers. A good story of friendship. Again the film can’t be rated as one of the greatest thrillers, where you will eagerly wait for each scenes to unfold.

Do I wanna go for This? A good one time watch, if you can just pass out the first half, second half will offer some good performance, great climax and clever story. And we would love to tell, this may end up as one of the good police story in the recent times.

Rating : 2.75 / 5


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