Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lal Jose's one of those few people who I could call at 2 am, says Prithviraj

Working with Lal Jose has always brought out the best in Prithviraj and the two movies, Classmates and Ayaalum Njanum Thammil, have been landmarks in the actor's career.

Now, Prithviraj tells us that their offscreen friendship has a lot to do with their onscreen success. "It's definitely got to be more than a coincidence that I've done two films with Lal Jose and both turn out to be my biggest hits," says Prithviraj.

On the team's success, the actor says it's probably the bond they share that translates into the cinema they make. "We're such good friends. He and I share a relationship that is the least publicised in the industry. He's one of those few people who I could call at 2 am and say I'm coming over," says the actor.

Prithviraj also tells us that because they know each other so well, it becomes easy to work with and bring out the best results.

While Prithviraj is making waves in Bollywood, ask him about Malayalam directors, especially Lal Jose, venturing up north and he says, "Everybody knows he is one of the most talented directors in the country and I hope he gets a much bigger canvas to showcase his work."

With the duo scoring two out of two, he says, "It now puts a lot of pressure on our next project together and we've to be really judicious about what we're going to do next." 

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