Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prithviraj becomes the most searched personality 2011 in Kerala

Prithviraj who is the most-searched personality this year in Kerala, according to google insight search.

Keralites also searched for images of much-discussed film ‘Urumi’. Pictures of Vidya Balan and Nithya Menon follow the list. The word ‘hot’ is the most used keyword for image search.

Among the ‘Art and entertainment’ category, actor Prithviraj’s marriage was the top search event. Number of searches related to ‘Prithviraj’ soared during mid-April and May, which shows Prithviraj’s marriage had much impact on the netizens. Prithviraj marriage, Pritviraj wedding photos, actor Prithviraj and Supriya Menon were some of the rising searches associated with the young actor’s marriage.

via @ibnlive


  1. hi prithvi,
    love your tamil films lot specailly tamil film raavanan and anwar film my favourite.keep nala.k

  2. hi prithvi,
    happy 2012 new year.nala.k