Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Hero is a daredevil

Seducing the glamour world with his dashing looks is the M’town Hero Prithiviraj. The actor is back at his favourite forte — stunts.

The stuntman in Hero has not accepted any dupes for any of the risky scenes some of which are even death-defying.

Proving that no feat is impossible Prithviraj says, “There are many dangerous stunts in the movie, but we decided that no duplicate was required. I performed these stunts with the help of established stunt coordinator Kanal Kannan.”

The actor is happy to team up with director Diphan again afterPuthiya Mugham. “The similarity in both movies is that I was the first one to hear the script and later approached Diphan.

Puthiya Mugham was a turning point in my career as well as for debut filmmaker Diphan,” said the actor.

It is after a gap of two-and-half years that the duo is coming together for a project. “Unlike Puthiya Mugham, which was a small budget movie Hero has a youthful young team getting together for a big project.

The entire team is indebted to producer G.P. Vijaykumar who did not compromise on anything for the execution of the film.”

The actor is extremely happy working with the team of Hero as he gets on well with everybody on the sets. “There were no hierarchy issues and any suggestions were mainly on the creative or technical aspect.

Everything was taken care of and the movie’s success or flop will be everyone’s responsibility.”

The movie which is set to hit the screens on May 24 has the actor singing Onnu Paranjal Cheythe Madangu along with Gopi Sundar and Shibu Chakravarthi.


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