Friday, January 6, 2012

2011: The five success stories in Malayalam

2011 has been a mixed bag of few good films, and far too many not-so-good ones. Small films with young heroes which were genuinely engaging, worked at the box-office, earning money for its producers.

The economics in Malayalam film industry are often baffling. Most of the biggies ended up as huge losses but still, almost everyone is busy launching new projects! The trade figures rarely get published and there are no real analysis on the hits, the misses and the reasons. It was a year when the superstars got the drubbing at the box office and new experiments got welcomed by the viewers.

Indian Rupee: Director Ranjith reportedly told his lead actor to “get out of shape and preferably develop a paunch” to play a small time real estate broker named JP. Thilakan and Jagathy Sreekumar came up with powerhouse performances and the viewers were evidently delighted.

Urumi: Ace cinematographer and director Santhosh Sivan’s Urumi brought in the crowds mainly thanks to its grandeur. The film had some of the well known Bollywood heroines and Kollywood heroes in the list. Here was one film which brought in the crowds mainly for everything other than its script or presentation.


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