Friday, May 15, 2009

Sachi-Sethu duo again with Prithviraj.

Sachitanandan and Sethunath, two practicing advocates from Kochi, debuted in films as Sachi-Sethu duo with director Shafi's super hit campus film Chocolate in 2007. Sachi and Sethu’s screenplay sparkled with laugh-a-minute scenes and was one of the major reason for the success of Chocolate. Though Chocolate was their first release, their first script is Prithviraj's ongoing Robin Hood, an action adventure produced by P.K. Muralidharan and Shantha Murali of Anantha Vision (maker of Classmates and Chocolate). Robin Hood is about a high-tech thief who specializes in ATM looting. "Robin Hood was more challenging as it required some intricate detailing and updating of facts. We needed to explain technical aspects in a simple way that even an ordinary cinegoer can enjoy. Chocolate was a light campus comedy but Robin Hood has a serious subject," the duo was quoted as saying. Popular Malayalam-Tamil actor Narain comes as the investigator and the whole movie is based on the robber-police camaraderie. The unique selling proposition of Robin Hood is its plot, a subject no Malayalam film has tested so far! The hero, played by Prithviraj, is a Brahmin youth who works as a teacher in the daytime and metamorphoses at night into an expert burglar equipped with ultra-modern technology. Joshi of recent multistarrer Twenty:20 fame is the director and Bhavana is the heroine.


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