Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prithviraj, Bhavana and Narein together in “Robinhood”

Cast And Crew

Director : Joshiy

Cast : Prithviraj,Bhavana, Narein, Biju Menon, Sai Kumar

Producer : Santha Muraleedharan

Screenplay and Dialogues : Sachi - Sethu

Genre : Thriller, Suspense, Romance

About The Movie

After the hit movie 20-20, the veteran director Joshiy is getting ready for theshootng of his next movie Robin Hood. As, the name implies, the movie is mainly based on robbing money and providing it to the needy. The role of Robinhood will be played by Prithviraj. The new and young sensation, Narein will also be playing an important role in the movie. He will be playing the role of a cop who is trying his best to catch the person behind all the robbery.

The producer Shantha Muralidharan, who is famous for her recent movies like Classmates and Chocolate have decided to put Bhavana in the female lead. This is the third film that they are producing with Prithviraj in the lead role. The screenplay and dialogues will be presented by the writes of the movie “Chocolate”, Sachi - Sethu.

The movie has Prithviraj, playing the role of a high tech robber, who is very much skilled in robbing ATM’s. In real he introduces himself as a Physics teacher in an entrance coaching centre. Through his brilliant ideas and computer skils, he is able to rob ATM’s in the most dangerous situations. When this becomes a habit, the Kerala Police decides to allot a man for catching him - Narein. Sai kUmar also plays an important role as a bank executive and Bhavana as the bank manager.

The movie first had writer and director Renjith to play the role of Narein. But, due to his tight schedule, he was forced to leave the project. The movie is expected to release by the end of June.


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